3 Indicators May Be Time To Cast Off That Water Heater

How To Know When Water Heater Replacement is Necessary

The water heater in a house can be a reliable, stalwart companion for years, but when it starts with attention-seeking behavior, it may be time for a breakup. This is one of those situations where it is okay to let someone else break the news to the ex. A plumber will remove and replace a home’s water heater with a new, upgraded model. This article will discuss the signs that a water heater will need repair or replacement soon.

Break Up Sign #1: The Relationship (or the Tank) has Corroded

Corrosion is a natural chemical process by which inorganic materials are broken down. The most commonly known form of corrosion is, of course, rust. There are several reasons that hot water tanks can become corroded, but the primary reason is the need for anode rod replacement.

  • Anode Rod Breakdown: The anode rod is a metal rod that contains negatively charged ions that attract the corrosive chemicals and elements present in most water. The rod is allowed to rust, which keeps the tank strong and whole. Once an anode rod breaks down, the hard water and chemicals begin attacking the hot water tank itself. If the anode rod is not regularly replaced, a homeowner will look at rusty, foul-smelling water and be headed for a leaking tank.
  • Damage to lining: If something happens to damage the tank lining, a scratch or a ding, the inner part of the tank may be exposed, and it will begin rusting.
  • Hard Water Scale: Scale, or the mineral deposits from hard water, do not do a hot water tank any favors. Not only can it cause abrasions to the lining of the tank, but it can also prevent the water from reaching optimal temperature.

A corroded tank means the whole water heater needs to be replaced because there is no way to reverse corrosion.

Break Up Sign #2: The Heat is Gone (Hot Water Loss)

If the amount of hot water seems to be getting smaller and smaller, it may not be someone’s imagination; it may be a malfunctioning water heater. If the heating element is going out or needs to be cleaned, it will not function as well. This can cause lower temperatures or inconsistent temperatures. Sometimes a repair job by a professional plumber can save the heater, but often it is better to replace the whole system. It may be more than just the heating element; fuel lines or leaks could be involved, and a professional should investigate it before any steps are taken.

Break Up Sign #3: Too High Maintenance

If experience teaches the average person anything, it teaches that people will limp along with something familiar but function poorly for a long time before taking the plunge and getting something new. This is certainly true with large appliances like water heaters. The older a water heater gets, the less efficient it becomes. A homeowner can keep using that water heater, but the facts show:

  • Energy bills will increase
  • Efficiency will continue to decrease
  • Repairs will be more frequent
  • Tuneups or maintenance will be more necessary

A professional plumbing technician can assess these problems and offer quick and reasonable recommendations.

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