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3 Common Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid This Year

As the new year starts, everyone is looking to make changes and improve different aspects of their lives- their health, relationships, house, etc. Homeowners can improve their homes by taking better care of their plumbing systems. While they can’t predict every possible issue that might occur, there are some major mistakes that homeowners can avoid making that can save them from costly and time-consuming repairs down the road.

Over-Using Drain Cleaners

person pouring drain cleaner dow sink drainDrains clog for one reason—the drain itself is too small for what is trying to get through it. This usually happens because the drain is dirty and has become lined with grease, soap, hair, and all kinds of “gunk” that closes the opening. Many homeowners may think a quick and easy solution to this problem is pouring Drain-O or other liquid cleaners down the drain. While using drain cleaner once or twice may not do any harm, many of the chemicals drain cleaners use are actually quite corrosive—meaning they can corrode anything downstream from them if they’re used too often. And while drain cleaner might be effective on some types of clogs, chances are there isn’t one product out there that will work for everything. The drain cleaner will likely damage the drain, rendering it less functional than before. Not to mention that drain cleaners can sometimes leave behind a residue that can add to already dirty drains.

Waiting Too Long To Maintain the Water Heater

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is ignoring their water heaters—after all, people tend to only remember their hot water when something goes wrong with it. However, regularly scheduled routine maintenance can keep a water heater running safely and efficiently for years longer than it ordinarily would. What does water heater maintenance look like? For starters, a professional will drain the water from the tank and then flush it through a couple of times to clean out any sediment build-up in the bottom of the tank. Another important step to water heater maintenance is making sure the pressure relief valve works properly. They may also replace the anode rod (a device designed to protect the tank against sediment buildup and corrosive elements), though this only needs to be done about every three to five years, depending on the hardness of the water.

Attempting Plumbing Repairs Yourself

Plumber smilingIt may be tempting to try repairing that leaky sink or toilet flange, but unless a homeowner really knows what they’re doing—and have the right tools for all types of jobs—they could end up making things worse, or even injuring themselves, if not just wasting time and money. Homeowners who are considering DIY plumbing over hiring a plumber should keep in mind that professional plumbing companies are licensed by the state, so they’ve undergone extensive schooling on all types of plumbing systems. They also have access to specialized tools that help them diagnose and solve problems more quickly. If there is a severe block in a drain line, for example, they’ll be able to recognize it right away and clear the blockage more effectively than a novice with a standard plunger could.

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