Most Common Toilet Noises and What They Mean

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Toilets are an essential part of our daily lives, yet we often take them for granted until they start making strange noises. Understanding these noises can help you diagnose and fix minor issues before they turn into costly repairs. In this blog, we’ll cover the most common toilet noises and what they mean, so you can keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

Toilet Making Noise Like a Hissing or Gurgling Sound

If your toilet is making noise, it’s often a sign that something isn’t quite right. The type of noise can help identify the issue. For instance, a hissing sound might indicate a problem with the fill valve, while a gurgling noise could point to a clog in the drain line. Paying attention to the specific sound can give you a head start in diagnosing the problem.

Toilet Makes Noise After Flushing

A toilet that makes noise after flushing is a common issue many homeowners face. This noise is usually due to the fill valve not shutting off properly. When the fill valve doesn’t close completely, water continues to flow, causing a persistent noise. This can be easily fixed by adjusting or replacing the fill valve.

Another cause for noise after flushing could be the ballcock assembly. If this component is worn out or misaligned, it can also cause continuous water flow, leading to unwanted noise. In such cases, replacing the ballcock assembly may resolve the issue.

Toilet Keeps Making Noise 

When a toilet keeps making noise long after it has been flushed, it can be both annoying and wasteful. This ongoing noise typically indicates a problem with the flapper valve. If the flapper valve doesn’t seal properly, water will continuously leak into the bowl, causing a constant noise. Inspecting the flapper valve for any signs of wear and tear and replacing it if necessary can stop the noise.

Sometimes, the problem might lie with the water supply line. If the line is loose or damaged, it can create a continuous noise. Ensuring that the supply line is secure and free from any leaks can help resolve this issue.

Toilet Makes Dripping Sound

A toilet dripping sound is typically caused by a small leak within the tank. This sound can be irritating and also indicate that water is being wasted. The most common cause of a dripping sound is a faulty flapper valve or a damaged fill valve. Inspecting these components for wear and tear and replacing them if necessary can stop the dripping noise.

Another potential cause of a dripping sound is a crack in the tank or bowl. If you notice any visible cracks, it’s important to address them immediately, as they can lead to more significant leaks and water damage over time.

Toilet Making Loud Banging Noise

If your toilet is making a loud noise, it can be quite alarming. A loud banging or knocking noise, known as a water hammer, usually occurs when the fill valve shuts off abruptly, causing a sudden change in water pressure. Installing a water hammer arrestor can help absorb the shock and reduce the noise.

In some cases, a loud noise might also be due to high water pressure in your plumbing system. Checking the water pressure and installing a pressure regulator if needed can help mitigate this issue.

Why is My Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use?

A toilet making noise when not in use is a perplexing issue that often puzzles homeowners. This noise is usually caused by a phantom flush, which happens when water slowly leaks from the tank into the bowl. Over time, this leakage can cause the fill valve to activate intermittently, leading to a random flushing noise.

The primary culprit behind a phantom flush is a worn-out flapper valve. Replacing the flapper valve can usually solve the problem. Additionally, checking the tank for any leaks or cracks can help prevent this issue from occurring.


Understanding the most common toilet noises and their causes can help you maintain your plumbing system and avoid costly repairs. Whether it’s a toilet making noise after flushing, a toilet keeps making noise, or a perplexing toilet making noise when not in use, identifying the issue early can save you time and money.

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