When is a Water Filtration System Important?

Water Filtration Benefits

Few things are as important as the water put inside a body. It’s easy to forget that water quality is so important since nearly everyone has constant access to safe drinking water, but safe drinking water still has some obvious drawbacks. 

Water quality is determined by local municipalities that follow government guidelines on water purification. As a general rule, citizens can rely on these guidelines to provide water free of biological agents. However, many other things can end up in water that affects the taste and safety. Even then, there are occasions when biological threats are found in drinking water. 

Instead of relying on guidelines to obtain safer water, take control of water resources. Water filtration systems can fill in the gaps left by municipal water treatment facilities and provide safe water in case of an outage. Here are a few reasons that water filtration devices, especially reverse osmosis systems, are excellent choices in every home. 

Safer Drinking Water water

As mentioned above, the water delivered to a home from municipal resources is rendered safe from biological threats. But, other threats lurking in the water are just as serious that the treatment facility doesn’t remove. Some of the common pollutants found in drinking water are:
  • Heavy metals like lead and arsenic
  • Treatment chemicals like chlorine and fluoride 
  • VOCs
  • Pesticides
  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Hardness minerals

Reverse osmosis water filters can remove all of these from water rendering it safer and better tasting. As a bonus, plumbing and appliances will last longer by not having to deal with subpar water supplies. 


Save Money on Bottled Water 

The first thing people do when they don’t like their municipal water supply is buy bottled water. Despite the convenience of having a bottle of water to carry around, the habit of buying bottled water or installing a water cooler that uses jugs of water is the cost. Health experts recommend drinking about a gallon of water per person per day. All of that bottled water can add up quickly and put a strain on an already strained budget. 

In addition to not having to buy bottled water, water filters save money by protecting plumbing. Removing excess minerals from the water prevents corrosion and scale build-up in plumbing that can ruin piping and cause water pressure issues. 

Helps the Environment By Reducing Waste 

A bonus to installing a water filter is that it is eco-friendly. Buying bottled water contributes plastic waste to landfills totaling an estimated 60 million bottles per day in the US alone. These plastic bottles will be in landfills forever and contribute to huge ecological problems. 

Reverse osmosis water filters allow homeowners to provide clean water and fill up their bottles every day, reducing waste. These systems also use very little energy, so they can provide clean water without dirtying the air with carbon emissions. 

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