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If you’ve tried plungers, drain snakes, and chemical drain cleaners but still have persistent clogs, our sewer jetting service may be the solution. Contact All Pro Plumbing for expert drain cleaning throughout Polk and Hillsborough Counties.

Sometimes, drain clogs are so deep in the plumbing system, conventional methods can’t remove them, and you need something more powerful.

Our sewer jetting service doesn’t just break up clogs; it removes them completely and cleans the entire circumference of your pipes, leaving them in like-new condition.

When you have a stubborn clog that won’t go away no matter what you do, call the experts at All Pro Plumbing. We have over 25 years of experience with professional drain cleaning, and our methods are safe for your pipes and the environment. Contact us today to schedule service.

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What Is Sewer Jetting?

Sewer jetting is a drain cleaning method similar to hydro-jetting; it uses high-pressure water through specialized jetting nozzles to clean and remove obstructions from pipes. Sewer jetting is also recommended to keep water and sewer lines clear and prevent buildups that lead to clogs and other problems.

How Does it Work?

For sewer jetting to work, it relies on a high-pressure water pump powered by an engine to build up the water pressure in a containment unit. Water jetting systems are rated in PSI (pounds per square inch) and GMP (gallons per minute). The horsepower of the engine determines both of these metrics.

Depending on the plumbing system and the clog, the plumber will choose the right jetting nozzle for the job.

Each nozzle is designed, so high-pressure water is directed back towards the entry point to help pull the line further into the plumbing system.

Top 5 Benefits of Sewer Jetting

Sewer jetting isn’t suitable for all drain clogs, and your plumber determines the best course of action after inspecting the line and locating the source of the problem.

However, for most stubborn clogs like tree roots and grease, sewer jetting is the preferred method to remove them.

Here are the top five benefits of sewer jetting.

  • Cleaner Pipes Unlike other drain cleaning methods, the high-pressure water used in sewer jetting scours the entire interior surface of the pipe in addition to removing clogs; the result is pipes remain cleaner for much longer than snaking and other cleaning methods.A significant advantage sewer jetting has over other cleaning methods is that the plumber can angle the water stream toward the pipe’s inner surface, providing a more thorough cleaning.
  • Environmentally Safe Because sewer jetting uses only water to clean pipes, it’s safer for the environment than chemical drain cleaners. And while some people note that using water to clean pipes is wasteful, the fact is the high pressure cleans quickly, which means you don’t use nearly as much water as its detractors would have you believe.
  • Odor Elimination Have you noticed odors coming from your drains? They’re caused by the buildup of bacteria. Not only do bacteria create foul odors that spill out into your home, but they can cause health problems if left unchecked. Sewer jetting removes harmful bacteria, leaving your pipes clean and odor-free.
  • It’s More Accurate It used to be you had to dig up buried pipes to remove obstructions deep in the system. However, sewer jetting reaches clogs in pipes buried under the house or your yard without the need for excavation, saving you money and time.
  • It Has More Power than Other Methods
    Some clogs like tree roots are nearly impossible to remove with other cleaning methods because they’re so thick and embedded. The high-pressure water used in sewer jetting blasts through the toughest clogs — even rocks — in no time while keeping your pipes safe.

If you think you have a clog and you’ve tried everything to remove it, call All Pro Plumbing and let our sewer jetting service take care of it once and for all.

No clog can hide from our sewer video inspection service. Contact us today to find out more.

Our Water Jetting Experience

At All Pro Plumbing, we have over 25 years of drain cleaning throughout Lakeland and the surrounding areas.

Our team of plumbers uses the latest technology available to plumbing professionals to troubleshoot, detect, repair, and maintain residential and commercial plumbing systems.

We’re always ready to assess your plumbing system and provide you with expert advice on dealing with problems and maintaining your system to keep it in good form year after year.

All Pro Plumbing is Lakeland’s most trusted plumbing company. Contact us in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and the surrounding areas at (863) 648-5112.


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