Signs That Can Help Owners Spot Water Leaks

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Stop Damage and High Water Bills By Looking for These Signs 

Home and business owners constantly seek ways to protect their property and reduce their bills. One of the common problems that can beset them seems innocuous but can cause lots of damage and cause bills to spike. Within the plumbing in a home or business, there are hundreds of opportunities for water leaks to form that can slowly soak building materials and ruin the budget for the water bills. 

Learning to see the signs that water leaks display can help owners better care for their properties. Water leaks tend to cause damage behind the scenes so that it isn’t spotted until too late. By recognizing the signs, owners can act faster and control damage and water bills. Here are the easiest signs to spot and two ways to easily confirm hidden water leaks

Spotting Water Leaks

While water leaks can lay hidden in places they can cause damage, they will always show signs when they occur. Some of the signs may be subtle, while others are more obvious. Regardless, owners must learn to spot them. Some of the common signs that water leak repairs are needed in a residence or commercial property are:

  • Wet floors
  • Soggy carpets
  • Buckled wood or laminate flooring
  • High water bills
  • Visible water spots
  • Sagging drywall
  • Dripping or hissing sounds

Spotting these signs is important, but the next step is taking action. Calling a reputable leak detection service can take the guesswork out of determining the source of the leak. Always call the experts soon to prevent further damage from taking place. 

Keep an Eye on Water Bills 

billPart of managing a household or a business is tracking expenses. Owning a property is an expensive endeavor. To keep costs under control, most owners track monthly utilities and bills. Not only is this a great practice for managing costs, but it is also an easy way to spot spikes in water bills. 

Owners should take the time every month to track the cost of utilities and total usage. Tracking the actual cost is an easy way to see expenses. With the prices of utilities constantly changing, it is important to know the actual amount used. When usage rates go up unpredictably, it is a sign that something is wrong. If water bills have spiked, professionals can help detect and repair leaks. 

How to Use the Water Meter to Find Leaks 

water meterIf a leak is suspected, the best move is to call an expert for leak repairs. However, most owners like to have proof they are suffering from plumbing problems before paying the plumber’s trip charge. With water leaks, getting confirmation is easy. 

To confirm the presence of water leaks:

  1. Make sure all of the water is off on the property
  2. Go to the water meter that is located outside the home and pull the cover
  3. Observe the dials for movement

If any movement occurs in the dials, then a leak is present. Call leak detection services immediately to prevent more damage from occurring. 

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All Pro Plumbing handles leak repair and detection for homes and businesses. Their crews offer award-winning service for any plumbing problem or installation. Call today for fast plumbing solutions in Lakeland, FL. 

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