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Dealing With the Source of Spooky Noises– Water Hammer 

A popular novelty during October is a recording of spooky sounds to be played as the backdrop for a Halloween party. While these records can send a chill down anyone’s spine, it is nothing compared to the spooky sounds that could be coming from inside the walls of a home. Within the walls of a home, the piping of a plumbing system is installed. As water flows through the pipes, it can cause disturbances that manifest in loud banging noises that transmit through the pipes all around the home. This sound is called water hammer. 

This Halloween, don’t be spooked by recordings. Instead, search for the source of that loud noise in the walls and call a professional to repair the problems. Here is a quick guide to help homeowners understand water hammer and why it should be repaired soon. 

What Causes Water Hammer?

Water is perceived as soft and yielding, but it is anything but when it is under pressure. Anyone who has ever belly-flopped into a pool knows how unyielding water can be. This same phenomenon can occur in piping, called water hammer

Water hammer is the direct result of the momentum of flowing water being stopped too fast. The rapid change in pressure causes a hydraulic shock similar to a shockwave that reverberates through pipes in the form of noisy vibrations. 

Why Is Water Hammer Dangerous?

water hammerWhile the noise from water hammer can be upsetting, it isn’t the biggest threat the shock poses. Water hammer can cause serious consequences because it stresses pipes to the point they leak or burst. When this occurs behind walls, the results can be disastrous. Some of the repairs that will be necessary when water hammer is allowed to go unchecked are: 

  • Ruined flooring
  • Flooded homes
  • Wet walls
  • Mold growth
  • High water bills 

How Do Professionals Repair and Prevent Damage From Water Hammer? 

fixing water hammerKnowing the dangers of water hammer is important because it can motivate homeowners to handle the problem before it worsens. However, the best way to deal with water hammer is to prevent it altogether. Professional plumbers have various solutions at their disposal whenever they have to deal with water hammer. 

The first line of defense against water hammer are devices called water hammer arrestors. Water hammer simply can’t be avoided, so it has to be managed. Luckily, plumbing codes dictate that water hammer arrestors are installed in every home to help minimize the damage that the violent hydraulic shock can do to pipes. If these devices wear out or malfunction, protection can be lost. Always let professionals inspect piping and water hammer arrestors in a home to make sure damage can be prevented. 

Another way that piping is protected is by being mounted on shock-dampening mounts. These special mounts are required in new construction, but for homes that have damaged piping, they can reduce the shock to pipes exposed to water hammer. If leaks or pipe bursts have been repaired, always ensure the proper mounts are used around the home. 

About All Pro Plumbing

All Pro Plumbing performs pipe repairs and inspections to mitigate the effects of water hammer. Their technicians have decades of experience and offer award-winning service. Call today for plumbing service in Lakeland, FL. 

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