The Root of the Problem: Spring Growth and Underground Plumbing

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How Tree Roots and New Plant Growth Can Be Detrimental to Home Plumbing

While most everyone loves to look at the beautiful flowers and new growth that come with the spring season, what is happening underneath the ground may be less pleasant. New root growth among plants and trees can cause plumbing problems, but solutions exist. This article will go over the problems that intrusive roots can cause and what professionals can do to fix them.

Why Tree Roots Cause Plumbing Problems

When the air begins to warm and plants begin to wake from winter slumber, those plants are bound to start growing. This new growth means that roots are also growing, penetrating more deeply to look for moisture and nutrients in the soil. If the roots can detect the water in the underground pipes, they can snake through the smallest cracks or a weak pipe joint. They will continue to grow into the pipe as long as the roots find water and nutrients there.

What Problems are Caused By Invading Roots

rootsWhile this sounds like a bad thing, what are the results of root invasion? Does it cause problems for underground pipes? It does make a difference in the function of home plumbing. Here are a few things that can result from roots breaking into the pipes.

  • Clogs: Roots can cause serious clogs because they cause a net-like trap for things coming down the drain. Persistent and recurring clogs can result from clogs.
  • Leaks: As the roots try to grow their way into the pipes, they open up any weak spots and cause leaks that may, in turn, damage the yard and drown the plants trying to benefit from the water. Leaks can also cause structural damage to the home.
  • Slow Draining: Even if it doesn’t result in a full-blown clog, roots may cause drains to move very slowly, which can be inconvenient.
  • Water Pressure Problems: If the roots get into the supply lines to the home, then it can make for inconsistent water pressure at best and reduced water pressure at worst.
  • Water Waste: If supply lines leak, this can lead to high water bills and waste.

Professional Solutions For the Beleaguered Pipes

rootsTree roots may be a nemesis of underground plumbing, but plumbing professionals have solutions to roots. They can use several methods to remove the roots, perform leak repair, and prevent further intrusion. 

  • Hydro jetting clears the roots with a high-pressure stream of water
  • Ultrasound and sewer cameras can be used to find leaks
  • Resin-infused cloth can be used to repair breaks in the pipe
  • Root barriers can be placed to protect the pipes from further invasion

Roots don’t have to win this summer. Plumbing professionals can protect any home’s underground plumbing from an unwelcome root invasion.

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