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Plumbing tools can be a mystery for those who prefer the DIY method with any tools they have lying around. Current tools may provide some of the same benefits as older ones but are much safer and more efficient. Before starting basic plumbing projects, an individual should consider getting to know their tools personally.

Dutiful Drain Snakesdrain snakes

The drain snake is one of the most desirable tools to clear blockages. They are flexible, dynamic, and tough. For stubborn clogs that cause problems in the kitchen, a drain snake will help clear the issue in no time. 

The auger varieties consist of a coil-shaped metal wire activated by a rotating crank. The hand auger primarily spends its time in the bathtub. They are best known for bathtub and sink drains because they are less likely to become tangled in the larger drains found in toilets.

The closet auger is the right snake for toilets. Its hook shape makes it easy to identify, and it does not need a long cable to get the job done right. The closet auger is known for its ability to break through major clogs.

The smallest drain snakes available are the top snakes that clear blockages in washing machines, bathtubs, sinks, and more. Their cable can run 25ft long and has electric power. It is effective for most drain stoppages.

wrenchesA Tight-Fit Wrench

A good wrench is the backbone of plumbing. Not all wrenches have the same core benefits for every project, but each one serves a purpose.

Locking pliers are designed for a close fit around foreign objects. Their jaws are sturdy and provide maximum support. These pliers leave a lasting impression and can permanently mold certain fixtures like faucets or showerheads. 

On the other hand, adjustable wrenches have flexible jaws. They are designed for both tightening and loosening fasteners. The adjustable wrench works well with bolts of multiple sizes.

Groove-joint pliers typically have five grooves. A professional plumber will primarily use this type of plier for unusually-sized objects. It is effective for maximum pressure when holding bolts and additional objects. Groove-joint pliers are designed for unique shapes and sizes, allowing objects to rotate while staying in the same position.

Safety Equipment

Safety is important in any situation, especially when tools are necessary. Before embarking on future projects, basic plumbing equipment for safety is crucial.

Two types of eye protection needed for plumbing repairs include safety goggles and safety spectacles. Spectacles are smaller than goggles and are used to protect the eyes when goggles are not worn. Goggles offer maximum eye protection and can fit over prescription glasses or spectacles. 

Safety equipment includes slip-resistant boots. Impact-resistant material or metal insoles can help protect feet from damage, including puncture wounds from mishandled tools. Without durable and supportive boots, plumbing is more dangerous.

Latex gloves offer support and protection without dampening the grip. This means it is easy to feel drain components in addition to tools. Latex, nitrile, and neoprene gloves can protect hands from harmful chemicals. Proper safety is key for any job.

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