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Avoid These Foods

When it comes to maintaining a smooth-running kitchen, the garbage disposal plays a pivotal role. However, not everything should find its way down the disposal unit. All Pro Plumbing in Lakeland, FL is here to guide you on what not to put in a garbage disposal to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

Hard Items

Garbage disposals are not invincible. Avoid putting hard items like bones, fruit pits, or seafood shells into the disposal. These can damage the blades and reduce the overall effectiveness of your unit.

Fibrous Foods

Fibrous foods, such as celery, corn husks, or onion skins, can wrap around the disposal blades, causing them to jam. Instead, dispose of these items in the regular trash or compost.

Grease and Oils

While it might be tempting to wash grease and oils down the disposal with hot water, this can lead to clogs over time. As grease cools, it solidifies and can create blockages in the pipes. Dispose of grease and oils in a separate container and throw them in the trash.

Starchy Foods

Foods like pasta and rice can absorb water and expand in the disposal, leading to clogs. It’s best to dispose of these in the trash to avoid potential plumbing issues.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds might seem harmless, but they can accumulate in the pipes, creating a sludgy mess. Instead, consider composting or throwing coffee grounds in the trash.

In summary, maintaining a garbage disposal’s efficiency involves being mindful of what goes down the drain. All Pro Plumbing in Lakeland, FL recommends avoiding hard items, fibrous foods, grease and oils, starchy foods, and coffee grounds to prevent unnecessary damage.

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For professional plumbing services and tips on maintaining your garbage disposal, trust All Pro Plumbing. If you’ve encountered issues due to improper disposal practices, contact us today for expert assistance. Remember, preventing problems is key, so be mindful of what not to put in a garbage disposal. Your kitchen plumbing will thank you!


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