When is Repiping Necessary?

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When to Call for Repiping Services 

Repiping a home or business can be a big deal. When repiping services are necessary, it will probably be a project that lasts several days and causes some upsets in day-to-day habits. If there is any consolation for those that worry about having to repipe a property, then knowing that it will only have to be done once or twice in a lifetime can be a comfort. 

Don’t stress when it comes to repiping. While the project itself can seem overwhelming, that is usually just because owners don’t know anything about the process. Learning the signs that repiping is recommended can give owners the confidence that they have made the right decision. Look for these signs when determining when repiping will be necessary. 

Frequent Repairs and Leaking Pipes 

Repiping a home or business may sound stressful, but most people are relieved. Why? In the years leading up to a repiping project, plumbing repair bills will have gone way up. As pipes age, they corrode, rust, and shake loose from their mounts. These processes weaken pipes so they become very leaky, requiring frequent repairs. On top of the costs for repairs, homeowners are on the hook for all that wasted water, too.  

Using the same plumbing company over the years is a great way to help narrow down the window for repiping. If the same plumbers frequently make pipe repairs, they can let the owner know when the best time is to schedule a complete repiping. 

Poor Water Pressure 


Poor water pressure is a common problem in homes and businesses, especially those with aging infrastructure. When it comes to water pressure, the most common cause is an obstruction in a pipe. Most often, these obstructions are caused by corrosion. 

Corrosion is a normal problem in all kinds of plumbing. While plumbing systems have safety measures to protect metal pipes and tanks from corrosion, they can fail and allow corrosion to build up inside pipes over time. When this process has progressed, repiping can restore lost water pressure. Enjoying a strong volume of water at each point of use is enough to help encourage owners to invest in repiping. 

Bad Odors and Cloudy Water 


Water that enters the home has been treated to remove pathogens and most solids. In almost every case, this renders drinking water clear and odorless. If drinking water is anything other than clear and odorless, something probably needs to be fixed. 

When municipal treatment facilities fail to provide clean water, they face fines. This means that the cause of tainted water is most often within the home itself. A consequence of aging piping, especially piping that has fallen victim to corrosion, is cloudy water due to suspended solids. Water flowing through iron piping can even turn a rusty color. Along with the discoloration, odors may also be present. Repiping the home or business can restore pure water to the structure and keep everyone safe from tainted water. 

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